Friday, 26 August 2016

Stranded Podcast - Episode 15 - HOT HOT HOT

Episode 15: HOT HOT HOT 

Intro: There’s a change in back ground this week because autofocus hates me - which is why I didn’t upload an episode last week.

Knitting: I am working on socks out of a new colourway from Stranded Dyeworks in the ‘Flamingo Legs’ colourway. These are the Dyad Top Down socks from Sock Architecture by Lara Neel.

FO’s: Improvised socks - toe up with an afterthought heel with 1x1rib for one round every time the colour changed. Knit out of Knit Picks Felici in the ‘Baker Street’ colourway.

I finished a Luuk hat by Annis Jones out of some handspun from Jelly Beans Yarns batts in the ‘Candyfloss’ colourway. 

I knit an army of Garter Stitch Ear Flap Hats which is a free pattern on the Purl Bee blog. The first is knit with Cascade 220 superwash, the second is super old hand dyed aran, the third is leftovers of Stranded Dyeworks Oasis Fingering in ‘Highway Code’ and ‘Spook’ held together, as is the fourth. 

I also improvised a hat - vaguely using this pattern - but in a heavier weight - fingering held doubled instead of fingering weight. This is knit out of ‘Spook’ and ‘Highway Code’ held together, striped with mystery rainbow sock yarn held together.

The big finished objects are: 

My Quicksilver Shawl by Melanie Berg, also knit out of Stranded Dyeworks Oasis in the colours ‘Party Dress’, ‘Spook’ and ‘Highway Code’. 

And my Mira sweater by Justyna Lorkowska - which I’ve shown before, is blocked and the ends are woven in.

You can find all my yardage for Stash Dash here.


I spun some natural wool - it’s a mystery wool - very rustic, 2ply. 
I spun some felted fibre claiming to be 18.5 micron extra fine Merino. Naming no names here. Single ply. 
Next up is another single ply - hand dyed Merino in my banned ‘Clone Club’ colourway. I mention Orphan Black which is the TV show the colourway name comes from.
Finally I spun up an unlabelled colourway from the stash - I think it’s from Spin Pretty. It’s a 2ply, using a technique mentioned in the Craftsy class Spinning Dyed Fibres with Felicia Lo. 

Stash Enhancement: 

I bought three braids of Merino/Tussah Silk in the ‘Pebble Beach’ colourway from Spindles and Stitches

I also bought three braids of fibre from Artist’s Palette Yarns - a braid of BFL in the ‘As Luck Would Have It’ colourway, and two braids of Superwash BFL in the colourways ‘Grand Dame’ and ‘Fandom’.


You can find my etsy shop Stranded Dyeworks right here
I have three new colourways - two repeatable ones - in the shop this week. I have a batch of Paintbox no. 15 - a one of a kind colourway on my Solo Singles base. 

Candy Wrapper’ is in stock on Oasis Fingering and ‘Feathered’ - my blue tit inspired colourway - is in stock on Oasis Fingering and Solo Singles

Thankyou so much for watching! 

Friday, 12 August 2016

Stranded Podcast - Episode 14

Intro - I'm still filming with my new camera - it's a bit hit and miss but there you go!

Knitting - The only active work in progress I have is the Quicksilver shawl by Melanie Berg, which is being knit out of Stranded Dyeworks Oasis fingering weight in the colourways 'Party Dress', 'Spook' and 'Highway Code'.

Finished Objects - I have finished my Treeline socks by Hey Lady Hey. These are out of a OOAK skein of Voolenvine Yarns on her Footsie base.

I have also finished my Mira Sweater by Justyna Lorkowska. This is out of Stranded Dyeworks Oasis in the 'Magpie' colourway. The ends still need weaving in and it needs blocking...

Spinning - I finished spinning the handdyed orange Polwarth that I was working on last week. It's a 2ply 173m.

I experimented with spinning some single ply yarn - we think it was Corriedale fibre - that I was gifted by a good friend of mine.

I spun a braid of merino from Shunklies - which is a seriously ropey overspun 2ply - entirely down to the fact that I was having driveband issues with my wheel - which I have now solved! This is 141m for stash dash!

I also spun a braid of BFL from Artists Palette Yarns in the 'Creek' colourway.

Dyeing - I have a brand new colourway in the shop - Scuba is a tropical turquoise colour that is currently in stock on all of my fingering weight bases. I also restocked some other colourways - you can find them all in my Stranded Dyeworks etsy shop.

Stash Enhancement - This week I show my yarn haul from the fabulous Haus of Yarn in Nashville TN. I purchased the following things...

The S/S issue of ami isu magazine.
A sweater quantity (which is five skeins for me, to be on the safe side) of Malabrigo Sock in the 'Piedras' colourway.
Mrs Crosby Satchel in the Peacock blue colourway - which was a gift for my mother.
Sweet Georgia Worsted in the colourway 'Basil'.
Plymouth Yarns Happy Feet in the colourway 'Lipstick'.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Stranded Podcast: Episode 13 - Autofocus (and SSK recap!)

Episode 13 - Autofocus (and SSK recap!) 

This week’s episode is a long one - lots of content in all sections apart from dyeing. I’m recording on a new camera - the episode isn’t as brightly lit as I’d like, but we’ll get there.


I am knitting on the Mira Sweater by Justyna Lorkoswka out of Stranded Dyeworks Oasis in the ‘Magpie’ colourway.

I’m also working on a pair of Treeline socks by Hey Lady Hey, out of an OOAK colourway from Voolenvine Yarns.

Finally I’m knitting on a sock out of Knit Picks Felici in the ‘Baker Street’ colourway. These are an improvised toe up pattern, where I throw in a round of 1x1 rib every time I hit a colour change.

Finished Objects: 

I have also finished ALL the socks! 
My Ribbed Ribbons socks by Wendy D. Johnson are finished - these are knit out of Stranded Dyeworks Oasis in ‘Party Dress’. These are on Bryson sock blockers - UK people can find them here. US people can probably find them anywhere! ;) 
My Street Art sock blank socks are finished - these are toe up afterthought heel socks, knit out of a Stranded Dyeworks Plateau Sock Blank in the ‘Street Art’ colourway.
I have knit up my handspun yarn from the last episode - a chain ply fingering weight out of fibre from Spin Pretty in the ‘Cool Rainbow’ colourway.
Finally I have finished a pair of socks knit out of some very, very old handdyed yarn - the toe up Strie Socks by Lara Neel from Sock Architecture


I finished plying my hand dyed BFL - I got 343m of a predominantly sport weight 2ply. 
Two 25g batts from Jelly Bean Yarns in the ‘Candyfloss’ colourway - 47m of a 2ply. 
Next I spun up a mystery art batt (only a mystery because I can’t remember what batt it is - and it doesn’t have a label) - from SpinCityUK, I got 137m of a 2ply.
I have also finished some handdyed merino - 129m of a 2ply. 

I mention Yarndale festival - which I’m going to be attending in September - I’ll talk about it more in the next episode.

I’m currently spinning some hand dyed Polwarth - which will be a 2ply. 


I updated the shop with a small amount of Street Art on various bases - the shop is kind of empty at the moment - because I’ve been away, but there will be an update on Thursday August 4th.

SSK Recap:

SSK is the Super Summer Knitogether retreat run by The Knit Girllls, in Nashville Tennessee. 
I took an Intro To Brioche class with Mercedes Tarasovich - I mention her book Brioche Chic

I tried the Hansen Mini Spinner in the Tasting Room, and I played with a drum carder and made a very amateur batt that I’m ridiculously pleased with. 

Stash Enhancement - I’m just going to list vendors / dyers, I’ll talk about the individual yarn and fibre when I work with it.  

(I also mention Haus Of Yarn - the best yarn shop in Nashville!)