How long have you been knitting? 
Since I was 18, so about seven years on and off - but I guess I've been a Knitter-with-a-capital-K for about three years.

Who taught you? 
I taught myself to cast on, knit and purl using youtube tutorials - no links sorry! It was a long time ago, but there are lots of friendly knitting tutorials online if you want to learn. I still use youtube when I'm trying a technique for the first time. And then I started a knitting class at my job at the time - in a craft store, so I learnt a lot from teaching others.

Can you recommend me a basic sock pattern?
I can indeed - here are a few free ones I really like.
The Knitmore Girls Basic Vanilla Sock - perfect for beginners.
Widdershins - there's a plain and a cabled version.
Hermione's Everyday Socks.

What heel do you use?
I tend to switch between three heels - traditional flap and gusset heel for a really snug fit, short row heels when I don't want to think too much about numbers, and afterthought heels when I want to keep a gradient or striping yarn correct.

What's the best thing you've ever knitted?
This is a tough one - all of my big projects are usually the best thing I've done at the time of finishing them. Probably my Dad's Christmas Sweater from 2014, or maybe my Old Romance cardigan.

Will you knit me a... <insert object/garment here>? 
No, sorry. I've knit far too many unappreciated gifts in the past - that's not to say I don't knit for other people - someone once said (and I'm sorry I can't remember who, so if you can, let me know and I'll link them) Knitting is like sex - if I love you enough, it's free. If not, you can't afford it.

...I'll pay you? 
Nope. Sorry. I almost never knit commissions. Partly because it's not financially viable, but primarily because I find them very boring to work on. I like to choose projects that keep me interested and engaged and work with the best fibres I can afford - and keep the finished objects for myself!

Do you sell your hand dyed yarn?
Yes I do - you can currently find my yarn company Stranded Dyeworks right here.

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