Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Wrapped Up In Knits

Stranded Blog Amy Edwards Green Knitting
Stranded Blog Amy Edwards Green Knitting
I wore four different hand knits to the beach this afternoon. I finished these wristers out of my hand spun yesterday and they're super warm.
Stranded Blog Amy Edwards Green Knitting
I also wore my Docklight Sweater knit out of Cascade 200 Heathers - which as you can see, isn't the most figure flattering garment, but it's really warm and cozy and perfect for winter evenings.
Stranded Blog Amy Edwards Green Knitting
This cowl is one of my favourite hand knits and correspondingly it's one that gets the most wear, it's like a nest for your neck - I love it.Stranded Blog Amy Edwards Green Knitting
My mum cheerily got into the knitty spirit and wore the mittens I knit her a few years ago and we both had hand knit socks on - but it was far too chilly to take our shoes off for photographic proof!

As I write this, I'm vying for the prime position in front of the woodburning stove, with a snoring cat (the cat is winning). It still doesn't really feel like Christmas to me, despite the mince pies I've been scoffing all day, but we still have to put all the presents around the tree and watch Love Actually, two Christmas traditions, so hopefully I'll finally start feeling festive!

I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season, whether you're a Christmas celebrator or not, I'm off have a lovely Christmassy takeaway (because no one cooks the night before they have to cook the biggest dinner of the year, right?)

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  1. Love all the gorgeous hand knits! And I love your rings, so pretty and delicate. (And I'm here from following happy daisy :)