Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2015 Knitting Resolutions

I'm not a big fan of New Year but I love resolutions. I love making lists and goals and challenging myself and trying to be better. I have a list of things I'm resolving to do in the next year - the usual eat slightly less cake and slightly more cabbage etcetera - and I'll probably post them later in the week, but it's my knitting resolutions that I wanted to talk about today.

Stranded knitting Hand Spun Amy Edwards Green

1. Knit ten projects out of my hand spun yarn - including a jumper. I'm looking to upgrade my wheel in the not too distant future and I feel that I should make a few more things from the pretty yarn I'm spinning, in order to justify the purchase.

Stranded Knitting Amy Edwards Green

2. Knit ten projects from books or patterns that I already own. I have a pretty good collection of knitting books and yet I rarely ever actually get around to making anything out of them. I look through them, I put little post-its on pages with really good patterns and then the next time I'm in the mood to cast something on, I just buy another pattern from my ravelry queue.

3. Knit and steek a project. I am a steeking virgin and this needs to be remedied! If anyone has a steeked pattern recommendation, send them my way!

Stranded Knitting Handknit Socks Amy Edwards Green

4. Continue onwards with Operation Sock Drawer - if you're not familiar with O.S.D. it's a project started by Jasmin and Gigi of The Knitmore Girls and is basically an instagram drive to knit more socks. I'd like to add another 25 pairs to my drawer. I'd really like 50 pairs of handknit socks. But  that's a lot of sock knitting...

5. Maybe maybe start a knitting vlog or podcast of my own. If I can decide what I have to talk about.

Do you have any knitting based goals for 2015?

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  1. Oh man... Steeking scares me. I can't even knit an afterthought heel that requires cutting, I just have a totally irrational fear that everything will unravel and I'll get eaten up by piles of horrid curly yarn.

    A (@ohhelloaleks)