Monday, 5 January 2015

Hello 2015

Stranded Blog Amy Edwards Green trees 2015 is for fresh starts and bracing walks in sea air. It's for riding my bike more (after I've got the brakes fixed - luckily I have a mechanic for a Dad so I'm pretty sure bicycle brakes won't be much of a challenge for him). It's for eating better and getting healthy. It's for small steps and big achievements. It's for scented candles and (non-scented!) fairylights. It's for decluttering and building a new home (not literally - I can't even put a shelf up…). It's for knitting sweaters and filling my sock drawer with cozy wool socks. It's for sending packages to people I love. It's for taking more photos and making videos. It's for getting more involved with the wonderful knitting community both online and in person. It's for slowing down and remembering to breathe.

  I put off this post because I wanted to take fun photos to accompany it, but I was working so daylight hours were in short supply and today I am sick (a cold, nothing to write home about) so not at my most inspired or photogenic, so you get a photo of the park on a very cold morning last week, instead. Haha.

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