Thursday, 29 January 2015

All around me is a sea of cardboard

Stranded Blog Amy Edwards Green
It's been quieter than I'd like it to be over on this here blog recently - that is because I am up to my eyeballs in cardboard boxes and there is literally stuff EVERYWHERE. Since I last moved house I have accumulated at least 4x the amount of possessions and I honestly have no idea what to do with them. I guess it's true that you accumulate to fill the space you have…

This time next week I'll be all moved in in Sussex - with a whole host of unpacking and organising ahead of me, which is the bit I like - I love having a new space to play with and decorate how I please. I'm looking forward to getting out of this weird Limbo place I've been in for the last month or so and finally feel at home again. And who knows, maybe I'll find my mysteriously absent knitting mojo tucked away in one of the cardboard boxes!

In the meantime, I'm stalking the home decor boards on Pinterest to get ideas on how best to maximise small spaces and idealising pretty closets.

So, I'm off back to decide what I can't absolutely live without for the next 6 days and whatever's left will be packed away in cardboard prison. Please bear with me for the next week or so, I have lots of posts planned but I just need to get everything around me straightened out first!

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