Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Eye Candy Knits - Orphan Black

Can I fangirl for a minute? A couple of weeks back I discovered Orphan Black and became instantly addicted. I'm not really a television person, I'm more of an audiobook person, but lately as I've been doing more spinning and have become a more competent knitter I've found myself watching more Netflix, as I don't need to pay as much attention to what my hands are doing. 

Hold tight - I'm bringing it back to knitting, I promise ;)

If you haven't seen it, you've probably heard about it - I'm always late to the party! It's a show about human clones - being hunted by a variety of organisations and the lead role is played by Tatiana Maslany, as are her clone 'sisters'. It's worth watching alone for Maslany's performance, each character is incredible. Warning: this is not a family friendly show! There's violence and death and lots of squeal worthy moments, but it's an incredible show, full of strong, empowered female characters - and goodness knows we need more of those on television.

The icing on the cake of what is already one of the best shows I've ever seen (am I selling it to you yet?!) is the amount of knitwear the cast wears. Not since Catching Fire have I squealed this much over knits on screen. There are some fabulous hats and several sweaters - and one of the characters is a knitter - it's only referenced fleetingly, but I'll take my knitting references where I can get them!

Here are some spoiler-free examples from season one...
Orphan Black Knitwear Stranded Blog
Orphan Black Knitwear Stranded Blog Orphan Black Knitwear Stranded Blog
Wurm by Katharina Nopp and Luuk by Annis Jones are patterns for hats similar to the one Kira is wearing above - both available as free downloads on Ravelry.
Orphan Black Knitwear Stranded Blog Orphan Black Knitwear Stranded Blog
Felix's mustard yellow jumper is a favourite of mine - a simple stockinette jumper in Donegal Tweed maybe?
Orphan Black Knitwear
I finished the third season last night and they continue to up their knitwear game on par with their storylines!

There are so many good hats in the show - which may be why I've been on a hat knitting kick recently. It definitely inspired my Slable Hat of a couple of weeks back and I have several other hats lined up to cast on in the not too distant future. After all, autumn is coming and you can never have too many hats.

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