Sunday, 11 October 2015

Knitting Wishlist

I'm not entirely sure where this last year has gone, but there is less than a month until I turn twenty-five and now is the time where I get to list all my dreams and wishes in the hope that the birthday fairy stops by ;) (In actual fact my mother has asked for a list and as all I'd like are knitting related things, I thought it was pretty relevant for the blog!) Also, I hear the holidays are coming up again and if you're into gift giving and receiving, you too, may be interested in the following!

Stranded Blog Hunter Hammersen Curls Knitting First up is Curls by Hunter Hammersen. I don't own any of Hunter's books - and although the Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet series looks beautiful, I already have a lot of sock books - and some of the shawls in Curls are exquisite!

Stranded Blog Wren and Ollie Knitting Yarn Wishlist Yarn. Obviously. The above is by Wren and Ollie in colourways Serendipity (top) and To The Moon & Back (above).
Stranded Blog Hedgehog Fibres Yarn Knitting
I'd also love some Hedgehog Fibres sock yarn - technically I have plenty of sock yarn already, but Hedgehog Fibres yarn is incredible. Pictured is the 'Birthday Cake' colourway, as it's not only beautiful, but kind of appropriate I think!
Stranded Blog Birthday List Pouch Knitting
I love this hand embroidered notions pouch by Anamism on etsy - because you can never have too many notions pouches!
Stranded Blog Nunoco Fibre Spinning
I'm always looking to expand my fibre stash - and I love the Merino selection packs that Nunoco are selling - this one is called Fen and the colours are gorgeous. Like the fibre equivalent of the chocolate selection boxes you can get at Christmas - but calorie free! I'd quite like to buy two of the same packs, double up the colours and spin up a gradient, Navajo ply it and knit a Stephen West shawl...

Other spinning related things - and slightly spendier things - on my wishlist, include a WooLee Winder for my Schacht Matchless - to fit more on the bobbin and remove the need to stop and change the hooks. Akerworks Bobbins Spinning Handspun
I'd also love a couple of Akerworks bobbins for the Matchless - because they're beautiful!

What's on your knitting wish list? Is there anything I missed off?!


  1. I wouldn't begin to start on my wish list but it would include a spinning wheel, a ball winder, swift, obvs more yarn, some extreme needles from lovely shop, 'Fabrications' and a season ticket to Yarndale, Yarnfest, et al much, much more but too many to scribe here....those shawls are stunning...:)

  2. I have the Fen set from Nunoco :) The colours are even more lovely in real life! I'm planning to make some beige thrummed slippers and use the different colours for the thrums!