Wednesday, 13 May 2015

5... Hot knits to keep cool in this summer

Ahh forgive me for the cheesy title - I couldn't resist ;) Now I know that lots of places get far too hot to even consider wearing knitwear in the summer - but as a rule, England isn't one of them! I've noticed there are loads of knit tees in the shops right now - but why buy them, when you can knit them?! Here are five of my favourites..
Stranded Blog Summer Knits Sombra by Elanor King. Featured in the 'Summer 2014' issue of Pom Pom Quarterly (you can buy a digital download of the issue here) this lace weight sweater would be perfect on a cooler or cloudier summer afternoon. I love the chevron colourwork and I think it would look fabulous out of neutrals with a pop of neon...
Stranded Blog Summer Knits Fleetwood by City Purl. I love this tee - from the turned up sleeves to the centre panel - even the fringe and I'm not usually a fan of fringe! I know that comparing hand knits to commercial knitwear is often seen as derogatory, but in my opinion, this wouldn't look out of place on the highstreet this summer - and I mean that in the best possible way!
Stranded Blog Summer Knits Saco Stripes by Pam Allen. This is such a pretty tank top and I love the narrow stripes - it's probably not something I would wear - I prefer my tops to have a bit of a sleeve - but if you're not as hung up on your upper arms as me, this could be perfect for the summer.
Stranded Blog Summer Knits Vasa by Dianna Walla. I really like this tee - the neck, the drape of the fabric and the stripes, I love stripes - but unfortunately it's not a style that would flatter me - and I'm not the type to knit sweater size garments as gifts! But again, everyone has different body types and this could look fabulous on you!
Stranded Blog Summer Knits
Insouciant by Julie Hoover. I feel this style of tee would work better with my body type than the cut that Vasa; the rounded neck, the longer sleeves. I don't imagine that the large amount of stockinette would be too exciting to knit, but I find it's often the simpler garments that get the most wear...

This is the first year I've really thought about knitting summer garments, usually I spend my summer knitting things for winter but I've got an urge to knit lots of stockinette tees out of laceweight yarn... That's a good enough reason to go on a yarn buying spree, right?! ;)

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