Friday, 22 May 2015

Fibre Friday #15

15 weeks of Fibre Friday - which means it's been around 15 weeks since I moved to the seaside. Time flies!
Stranded Blog Knitting Spinning Fibre Friday
This week I put around 7 inches on the body of my Old Romance cardigan - which is a feat in itself as each row is nearly 300 stitches... Anyway. The Old Romance is designed by Joji Locatelli and I'm knitting it out of 'Tosh Sock' in the 'Moorland' colourway by Madeline Tosh. I'm hoping to get it finished in a month, which feels achievable - even though there's still around a foot of body to knit!
Stranded Blog Knitting Spinning Fibre Friday
I've also worked on my rainbow 3x1 ribbed socks out of Trekking XXL in colourway '534'. I know, I'm just as sick of seeing these socks as you are! ;) But this is the last time you'll see them on the needles, I promise - as they're a bind off away from being done. But I was saving that bind off for the start of Stash Dash, which is today - so they'll be off the needles by tonight, all being well! (After all - I have messed up sock bind offs before...)
Stranded Blog Knitting Spinning Fibre Friday
As I was uploading the photographs for this post I was pleased by how much knitting I had - but then I realised that 4 photos were directly related to baby hats... but they are so addictive! The pattern is the Easy Peasy Newborn Hat by Keri McKiernan - I have two finished hats and one on the needles.
Stranded Blog Knitting Spinning Fibre FridayExcuse the hats being modelled by my fist - but it's surprisingly difficult to photograph baby hats without a baby's head... Anyway. This is knit out of leftover 'My Precious' sock yarn by Vickevira. This hat was originally intended for my Mum's new Great Niece who was recovering from major heart surgery, but sadly she passed away before I had a chance to get the ends woven in. RIP Mila Faith, I will think of you every time I knit one of these little hats.
Stranded Blog Knitting Spinning Fibre Friday So, I knit another Easy Peasy Newborn Hat out of leftover Easyknits yarn in their 'Cherish' base* which is Merino/Nylon/Cashmere and is super soft - perfect for tiny little heads!
*I'm sorry - I don't know the colourway name and I couldn't find it on their site!
Stranded Fibre Friday Knitting
Finally hat wise, I cast on for one more EPN Hat - out of leftovers from a sock blank I dyed last summer (the majority of it wound up as a pair of Monkey socks).
Stranded Blog Knitting Spinning Fibre Friday
 I cast on for a new sock to replace the Trekking Rainbow socks for my carry around knitting - but after knitting the toe I realised I wasn't very inspired by it - it was too similar to the rainbow socks that I've been working on - probably because it's Trekking XXL in muted rainbow shades... So I frogged it and started...
Stranded Blog Fibre Friday Knitting
A pair of Hermione's Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder out of Manos Del Uruguay 'Alegria' in colourway '7105A'. I was worried the colours would pool really unattractively - but I'm so pleased with how it's knitting up.
Stranded Blog Knitting Spinning Fibre Friday
Not fibre related - but my Hermione's sock is living in this little drawstring project bag I made this week. It's been ages since I've sewn anything and now I want to make a thousand more of them in different sizes... If you're interested in making your own I followed this tutorial.

I also got a little more spinning done on the BFL/Cashmere/Nylon blend by Lime Green Jelly - but I haven't included a photo because it looks remarkably similar to all of the photos I've shared before! ;)

Okay, I'm off to bind off my Rainbow socks and get my Stash Dash off to a good start. If you're in the UK enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend - if not, well enjoy the weekend anyway!

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