Sunday, 3 May 2015

5... Sweater patterns that are really wearable

Mixing it up a little this Sunday - instead of My Week In Pictures, today I wanted to share five sweaters that I'm itching to cast on.

Stranded Blog Sweater Knitting Patterns Amy Miller photo: Amy Miller
Isabel by Amy Miller. I love the swingy drape of this cardigan, the long rib pattern on the sleeves and the shawl collar. Knit in a more neutral colour, this is a garment I'd get a lot of wear out of - especially in spring and on cooler summer evenings.
Stranded Blog Sweater Knitting Patterns Alicia Plummer
 French Toast by Alicia Plummer. I'll admit, the colour and the styling of this sweater is what first drew my attention to it. I love a good mustard yellow and where possible I like to wear all of my sweaters over a shirt with the collar, cuffs and hem peeking out. But I love the fitted waist and the central cable - sometimes simple is best.
Stranded Blog Sweater Knitting Patterns Suvi Simola
photo: Suvi Simola
 Light Trails by Suvi Simola. Another simple, wearable sweater. I love the decreasing size in the sleeve cables and the mixture of stockinette stitch on the body and garter stitch on the sleeves. A looser fit than French Toast, this would probably suit my body shape a little better.
Stranded Blog Sweater Knitting Patterns Hannah Fettig
photo: Quince & Co.
 Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. Unless you've been living under a rock (or you're not really into Ravelry) you've probably stumbled across this cardigan. After all, 7000 knitters can't be wrong! I'd quite like to knit a couple of these - one as written and another slightly longer with full sleeves, maybe adding a ribbed collar. It's such an easily customiseable garment.
Stranded Blog Sweater Knitting Patterns Jared Flood
Hawser by Jared Flood. It was pretty hard not to fill this post with Jared Flood or Brooklyn Tweed patterns. Maybe I'll do a top five BT patterns post at some point... Anyway. This sweater would be perfect for autumn (or if you're having the weather that we are, here in the UK - you could probably wear it right now!). Again, worn over a shirt it looks casual and fabulous. I love the chunky cables down the front - although I suspect knitting the cable crosses could be awkward!

Now I'm craving sweater knitting. I've spent most of this year working on socks and shawls and I think it could be time for a change...

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  1. These are lush! Especially love the last one... Might be time to update the Rav queue! That said, its been 28 degrees here this weekend so maybe not right now, but I guess by the time I'd actually be finished it would be time to wear it :')