Friday, 15 May 2015

Fibre Friday #14

Fibre Friday is a short one this week - not because of my lack of knitting mojo, but because I spent most of the week knitting on one project and I haven't touched my wheel at all... There just aren't enough hours in the week!
Stranded Fibre Friday Knitting
Stranded Fibre Friday Knitting Last week I mentioned that I cast on a baby sweater on my mum's behalf, for her new Great Niece. Baby Mila is really sick (open heart surgery at 8 days old, I can't even imagine that) so I decided I wanted to knit her some colourful things she could wear as she recovers. Last night I cast on for the Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat by Keri McKiernan out of leftover 'My Precious' sock yarn by Vickevira. The colours are bright and cheery - which is exactly what I wanted. It's replaced the Trekking vanilla sock as my Out and About Knitting.
Stranded Fibre Friday Knitting Now, onto what I've spent the bulk of the week working on - my Old Romance cardigan, designed by Joji Locatelli, knit out of Madeline Tosh 'Tosh Sock' in the 'Moorland' colourway. Before last weekend, all I done were the lace inserts for the sleeves and now, the sleeves are finished! I'm on to the body of the cardigan - which is a lot of long stockinette rows - so may take a while! As I'm using a non-commercially dyed yarn, I'm alternating skeins every other row to avoid any obvious changes in shade and I think it's working so far.
It's not quite as Joji designed it - I saw this version knit by IttyBitty on ravelry and I loved the mods she'd made. I decided I'd get a lot more wear out of the cardigan if it was all one colour and I omitted the picot edge on the lace inserts.
Stranded Fibre Friday Knitting Stranded Fibre Friday Knitting
Finally, I've put a few inches on the leg of my second 3x1 ribbed sock out of Trekking XXL in colourway '534'. Another lunch break at work and I could probably get it finished - but I think it might just stay on the needles until Stash Dash* starts next Friday...

I have a busy weekend planned so I'm not sure how much knitting I'm going to be able to squeeze in - but I would like to get a chunk of the body of the Old Romance done if I can... we shall see! Whatever you're up to - have a lovely one!

*If you haven't heard of it, Stash Dash is a challenge / KAL run by the The Knit Girllls - you can find out more about it here. I'm going to be sharing some of my Stash Dash goals here on the blog on Sunday, if you're interested!

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