Friday, 19 June 2015

Fibre Friday #19

 Until yesterday I had precisely one project to talk about this week - it turns out that deadlines make me a very boring monogamous knitter! Haha. But before I get to that...
Stranded Knitting Blog Fibre Friday
I finished the cuff and am knitting the heel flap on the first Budleigh sock - which is a pattern from the first volume of Coop Knits Socks by Rachel Coopey. I'm using Skein's 'Top Draw Sock' in the 'Blackcurrant' colourway. This is my first time using Top Draw and I'm not sure what I think of it yet - I love the colour, and it feels really soft, but it's starting to pill even as I'm knitting with it, so I don't know how it'll hold up to wear. It's a blend of 85% Superwash Merino and 15% Nylon which is a little less nylon than I normally go for in a sock yarn, but we shall see! Pattern-wise, I'm really enjoying knitting Budleigh - it's been a little while since I've knit anything cabled and I'd forgotten just how much I love cables! It requires more concentration than I can give it whilst watching Netflix, so is strictly audiobook-only knitting! Luckily I have a stack of crime novels to listen to...
Stranded Knitting Blog Fibre Friday
 I also put a couple of rounds on my latest Easy Peasy Newborn Hat by Keri McKeirnan out of leftover Austermann Step in the 'Ennis' colourway. Normally I wouldn't include such a nominal amount of knitting in my weekly round up, but I was scraping the barrel this week! Haha.
Stranded Knitting Blog Fibre Friday Finally, the project that's seen the most work this week - my 3x1 toe up ribbed socks with a short row, knit out of Manos Del Uruguay Alegria in colourway 'A8106'. These are a birthday present for a very good friend of mine - I think the colours will be perfect for her, so fingers crossed she likes them! (sidenote: we stopped at the beach to photograph my Old Romance cardi after I finished work today, and it was so sunny and lovely, I thought I may as well snap my socks there too!)
Stranded Knitting Blog Fibre Friday
I also received a lovely parcel from my dear friend Nina this week - containing some pretty handspun mini skeins - and she kindly forwarded me a Knit Picks order - getting hold of Knit Picks things in the UK is hardwork, as they refuse to ship internationally! I didn't need any yarn, but I ordered a couple of sets of their Caspian fixed circular needles - because I was lured in by the pretty colours, and a set of the nickel plated interchangeables on behalf of my mum - who wasn't keen on splurging on a set of ChiaoGoos which are my needles of choice, so I'm interested to see what she thinks of them, but I think they'll suit her just fine.

Okay, seeing as I'm pretty much up to date on my obligation knitting, I think I'm going to spend the rest of the evening working on my Budleigh socks totally guilt free!

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  1. Amy you are just a machine! I've been knitting the same socks for a bazillion years and I'm only just past the toes... You keep churning them out at lightning speed, and they're all fab! Also - I am so in love with your new cardi, it's just stunning.