Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Resolution Reflection

Stranded Blog Knitting Resolutions
We are nearing the end of June, the halfway point in the year when I should probably take the time to look back on my New Years resolutions and see what progress (or lack thereof) I've been making. For those who don't recall - which is entirely understandable as I've almost forgotten myself, I made a few Knitting Resolutions at the end of 2014.

1. To knit 10 projects from books I already own. I'm off to a bad start already - I have only actually finished one project from a book I already have - the Tic Tac Toe Up socks from Socks From The Toe Up by Wendy Johnson. I'm also currently working on a pair of Budleigh socks from Coop Knits Socks by Rachel Coopey - but I haven't finished the first one yet, so they don't count!

2. To knit 10 projects out of my handspun yarn - including a jumper. I've made ever so slightly more progress on this one - I've finished two projects out of my handspun so far this year. A pair of socks and the Linus Shawl (which to be fair did use 1000yds of yarn). I also have another pair of handspun vanilla socks on the needles but I'm not even to the heel of the first sock yet... I've only just finished the first sock and and cast on the toe for the second...

Stranded Blog Knitting Resolutions

3. Knit and steek a project. Nope. I'm still a steeking virgin. If you have any recommendations for projects that involve steeking, please let me know! I'm reluctant to knit an entire adult fair isle sweater and steek it - not because the idea of cutting my knitting scares me particularly, but because I find colourwork to be incredibly slow going and tedious.

4. Continue onwards with Operation Sock Drawer. This is the goal I've made the most progress on. I said I wanted to knit 25 pairs of socks this year and my total currently stands at 11. Not quite halfway, but I do have three other work in progress socks on the needles, so if I knit nothing but socks for the next six months - I might make it!

5. Start a knitting vlog or podcast. I think I've pretty much decided I don't want to podcast - I'm happy keeping my weekly fibre recap to my Fibre Friday posts, but the idea of video intrigues me so maybe I'll eventually try vlogging. Maybe. Who knows...

It sounds like I haven't really done any knitting in 2015 - which is not the case at all. It turns out that I prefer to dip into ravelry for knitting patterns, rather than choose from the more 'limited' collection on my bookshelf. While I love knitting with my handspun yarn - it's fabulously decadent, I find it hard to match patterns to the yarn. Clearly a Must Try Harder on all counts! The problem is I love setting arbitrary goals, but I hate 'Obligation Knitting' - a catch 22... Still, if I complete Stash Dash I'll feel a little better about my ability to meet goals!

Did you set any fibre related goals for the year? Are you doing better at them than I am?! ;)


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