Friday, 26 June 2015

Fibre Friday #20

Stranded Knitting Blog Fibre Friday This week I've been away visiting some friends and pretty much all I've been knitting for the past few days are baby hats. Easy Peasy Newborn Hats to be precise, out of leftover sock yarn. The Easy Peasy Newborn Hat is a free pattern by Keri McKeirnan. These hats are so addictive - I've knit five hats this week and I don't any babies to give them to!
Stranded Knitting Blog Fibre Friday Yarns used: Top Row, L-R: Pinkalicious Rainbow by Yarn Ink, Manos Del Uruguay Alegria in '7105A' and Austermann Step in 'Ennis'.
Bottom Row, L-R: 'Autumn Rainbow' by Fab Funky Fibres and leftovers from a sock blank I dyed last summer.
I still have a kilner jar full of leftover sock yarn, so there are many more hats on my horizon! I'm going to store them up and gift them to any expectant friends in the future.
Stranded Knitting Blog Fibre Friday
 I finished the heel flap and started the gusset decreases on my first Budleigh sock from Coop Knits Socks by Rachel Coopey. I'm using Skein 'Top Draw' in the 'Blackcurrant' colourway. I'm still really enjoying this pattern - I didn't take it away with me as with this many cables that was just asking for trouble, but I'm looking forward to curling up on the sofa and putting a couple of inches on it, this evening.
Stranded Knitting Blog Fibre Friday Aside from the army of little hats, the project that's seen the most work this week is my second Simple Skyp Sock by Adrienne Ku, out of Hedgehog Fibres in the 'Seaglass' colourway. At the beginning of the week I only had the ribbing and the first pattern repeat done, but I've done a fair amount of train journeys this week - so I'm now through with the gusset decreases and a couple of inches into the foot. I know I've said it before, but I love love love this yarn. It's the softest sock yarn I've ever worked with. I hope it washes and wears well as these socks are destined to become sock drawer favourites.
Stranded Knitting Blog Fibre Friday
Lastly, I put about an inch of knitting on my handspun vanilla sock out of fibre by Lime Green Jelly. I overplied the yarn, so it's a little ropey but should hold up to wear pretty well, if I ever get them finished - 2mm (US 0) needles make for very slow progress!

Not a bad amount of knitting this week, considering I've been out and about - predominantly eating very calorific meals in diners and drinking too many cocktails but hey - no one diets on holiday right?! ;) I hope you've had a very good week! I intend to spend the weekend relaxing before I go back to work on Monday.

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