Thursday, 9 July 2015

My Week In Pictures #6 - The one where I realise I cannot write these posts on a weekly basis...

Stranded Blog Life Heading to the beach for a swim to cool down after work.
Stranded Blog Life Visiting this lovely lady in London town for her birthday.
Stranded Blog Life
Stranded Blog Life Posing in cocktail bars.
Stranded Blog Life Stranded Blog Life Actually drinking cocktails... (contrary to how often I photograph them, I don't actually drink all that many - they're just pretty!)Stranded Blog Life Eating enormous desserts...
Stranded Blog Life
...and enormous baskets of chips. Essentially all I do when I'm in London is eat excessively!

So it's clear that I cannot post weekly photographic updates of my week - primarily because my weeks are often very similar from one to the next - same beach, different knitting, different food! Instead of My Week In Pictures, I'm probably going to post Lately In Pictures, whenever I have things I want to recap and share. I've been working a lot recently and retail isn't overly photogenic! Haha. Still, money is after all, money - and after five months of living with my family, it's really time I thought about what I want to do in the not-too-distant future. Small steps.

I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon buried up to my elbows in yarn and fibre, to restore my equilibrium! (And to get a few more things to talk about in tomorrow's Fibre Friday post!)

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