Sunday, 5 July 2015

Tour De Fleece 2015 and a Stash Dash recap

Stranded Blog Stash dash Recap Knitting Spinning
 It's that time of year again - if you're a spinner, or you follow a spinner on instagram, you've probably stumbled across Tour De Fleece - the spinning event / spin-along that runs in tandem with the Tour De France. This is my second TDF and I don't take it as seriously as some - my goals are pretty loose. Lots of people use the time limit to spin for a sweater, or to spin a whole fleece, but my goal for this year is to spin every day. A straightforward goal, but I've got out of the habit of spinning recently and I miss it, so this is the perfect excuse to get back to it! I'm also looking at trying some new techniques too - I tend to stick to a short forward draw to create a worsted spun yarn and I think I'll pull out my copy of the Spinner's Book of Yarn Designs by Sarah Anderson and see what I can come up with.

Fibre wise, I'm going to be working out of my stash, starting with the selection pictured above. Working clockwise from the top - Some Chilean Corriedale that was a gift from my dear friend Nina, a 'Wild Wood' batt from Nunoco, a braid of Merino in 'Autumn Rainbow' by Taylor Made Yarns, some Faux Cashmere by Spin City UK and a Polwarth / Baby Alpaca / Nylon blend from Play Sweet Music.

Stranded Blog Stash dash Recap Knitting Spinning
 On to Stash Dash - which is separate from TDF purely because we're only one day into the tour and I haven't had a chance to ply anything yet! However, I have finished a few things in the past couple of weeks and I'm inching closer to my 5km goal.

Old Romance cardigan - 1360m
Lime Green Jelly BFL Cashmere Nylon 3ply - 370m (currently a work in progress pair of socks, not pictured above)
Tic-Tac-Toe-Up socks - 355.5m
Easy Peasy Newborn Hats x6 - 336m
Jaffa Cake socks - 310.5m
Katy's Birthday socks - 310.25m (a gift, not pictured above)
Rainbow Trekking socks - 284.75m
Mixed Lilacs hand-dyed merino 2ply - 237m
Simple Skyp socks - 220.5m

Total so far: 3745.5m

I'm currently working on two second socks and I have some singles that need plying, so I should hopefully cross the 4km mark in the next week or so. Are you taking part in the Tour De Fleece or Stash Dash? Or d'you prefer not to get involved in arbitrary challenges!? You know me, I love an arbitrary goal. Haha.


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